About Dong Du Da Nang

Dong Du Da Nang was born and operates with the following purposes:

  • First of all, to teach Japanese and provide human resources who know Japanese to develop trade, tourism, services and industry for the Central region.
  • To support and introduce students to the Dong Du Study Abroad Program.
  • To develop Dong Du’s activities in the future such as opening a vocational school and establishing a Startup Center led by Dong Du alumni who have studied in Japan.
Hot News
Japanese language training
Open communication
  • Pronounce all 104 basic phonemes in Japanese
  • Understand and apply basic grammar to be able to create your own sentences as you want
  • Some simple everyday communication sentences
Elementary N5, N4
  • Master basic knowledge at the elementary level, pass the JLPT level N5 and N4.
  • Regularly practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing to apply Japanese appropriate to the level of study.
Intermediate level N3, N2
  • Master basic knowledge at intermediate level, pass JLPT level N3 and N2.
  • Choose subjects according to your interests and career orientation, to regularly practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in an interesting way.
  • In particular, students who wish will receive private training in translation skills through practical activities.
Training system
icon Express
  • Time:
  • 24 lessons/ week
  • Lộ trình:
    N5 – 12 weeks
    N4 – 12 weeks
    N3 – 18 weeks
    N2 – 18 weeks
  • icon Universal
  • Time:
  • 12 lessons/ week
  • Route:
    N5 – 24 weeks
    N4 – 24 weeks
    N3 – 36 weeks
    N2 – 36 weeks
  • icon Common
  • Time:
  • 6 lessons/ week
  • Route:
    N5 – 48 weeks
    N4 – 48 weeks
  • Learn directly with teachers
    (Zoom/Google Meet)
    Learn through videos